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Hey hey. My name is Ben Weissenstein. Weissenstein pronounced Y-Zin-Stine or Rise and Grind or Rise and try to Shine.

I’m an entrepreneur grinding towards my dreams. I’m not there yet, but I’ve made some progress and had all sorts of crazy ups and downs along the way. Currently, I’m 29. Been chasing the dream since 2.

Feel free to follow my IG stories to see what I’m up to – hopefully will give you some sort of motivation to work hard/chase your dream and/or live a balanced life or at least provide you with something to watch if you’re ever extremely bored. 😉

You can email me – or shoot me a DM on IG (@BensDream414).

Twitter Feed

My father died of Covid alone in a hospital. I had to say goodbye to him over a phone. Trump got a joyride to sooth his desperate need for attention, while endangering the lives of the Secret Service people in the car with him. To hell with him and all who enable him.

Today we mourn the loss of a friend, mentor, & revered religious leader, Rabbi Karff. My condolences to his loved ones.
We will miss you, Rabbi. Your legacy of reaching across faith communities inspired us to compromise & work toward a greater good for all we serve. Rest in love.

The time is here, foreal foreal. EXPLORE, LEARN and INSPIRE while hanging together. ... Trying To Be Wise with B Weiss Podcast.

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My Businesses

I’ve had several over the years. Currently, I’m working on some ish (sorry I love the word “ish”) behind the scenes, but my main focus is Fresh Right Hand – marketing and content development company.

If you’re interested in my story thus far, you can check out this page.

My Story


Nothing short of amazing, in my business or in any business finding a good copywriter is really really hard. Finding someone whose reliable, somebody whose a great communicator, somebody who understands your message and can speak in your voice to convey what you’re trying Read More

John Gill

(Top 1% Amazon Seller & Famous E-Commerce Entrepreneur)

“I’m the CEO of my own b2c e commerce brand. It’s in that capacity that I hired Ben Weissenstein and Fresh Right Hand to help out my marketing efforts. I handed them the reigns to my email marketing, Ben and the team ran with it, delivered 8X ROI in 6 months.”

Chris Lattner,

(CEO of Aria Lattner & Former Microsoft Manager)

“Ben Weissenstein from the Fresh Right Hand is amazing. The guy overdelivered and I couldn’t believe – he beat every deadline, he would work weekends. And the project that we worked on meant so much to me. It was a book launch. It was my very first book. And I learned a lot from Ben. He didn’t just do everything for me or do everything with me,Read More

Austin Sieben,

(7X Canadian Jet Ski Champion + World Champion)

Also, here are a few old videos I made about my story. They’re not super high quality videos nor are they updated for the past 4 years
or so but can show you part of my story and I’ll try to get better, updated videos together by sometime in 2020. 🙂

My Life and Thoughts – Short Trailer

My Life and Thoughts – Full Story/Video

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